Rebekah Monson

Women in Tech Code/Art Miami Panel Speaker and Local Miami Trailblazer: Rebekah Monson

A recent grad of the inaugural class of Facebook News Membership Accelerator program and Co-Founder/COO of a local Miami business that helps curious locals get engaged, Rebekah Monson’s enthusiasm and energy is one of the many reasons her successful venture of engaging new Miami locals each year is headed to other cities.We asked five questions to Code/Art Miami 2019's, Women in Tech Panel speaker, grab a cup of coffee (or tea!) and get to know this local Miami star.

Who is Rebekah?

Rebekah Monson is co-founder and COO for WhereBy.Us is a a technology platform which builds local media brands for growing cities with a focus on email newsletters and building meaningful relationships within local communities. Miami’s The New Tropic, Seattle’s The Evergrey, Portland’s Bridgeliner are just a few of their brands that engage more than a million curious locals each year. The company was in the 2018 class of Jason Calcanis’s LAUNCH Incubator, and is expanding to new U.S. markets and enhancing its technology platform.

Rebekah also co-founded Code for Miami and Hacks/Hackers Miami. She serves on several professional and civic boards aimed at improving journalism, technology, and civic life.

How did you begin working in tech?

I started making GeoCities sites when I was a kid. I’ve been making them ever since.

Fun Fact: Glitter text is what got Rebekah Monson into coding!

Why is a program like Code/Art Miami important to you?

Understanding how technology works and knowing how to make it is a great skill to apply to whatever mission you want to take in life.

Rebekah Monson, Code/Art Miami Speaker, shares why programs like Code/Art Miami are important to understanding technology.

What was your favorite class when you were in elementary school?

Reading and Science.

Who inspires you?

My mama👭. She is a History teacher, and has an enormous dedication to her craft, and her mission of helping kids understand the context of our world.

What is your favorite candy?

🍫Dark chocolate

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