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Meet Our Student Spotlight of the Month: Ophelia!

This March, our CodeHER coding clubs switched from in-person to virtual, but that did not deter Ophelia from excelling in each CodeHER club session that we held this spring. She showed up to every club meeting determined to use code to bring her incredible projects to life! The projects she worked on included creating her own gingerbread house with Tinkercad and creating her own coded self-portrait using JavaScript. (See below)

Here’s what Ophelia’s CodeHER Virtual instructor, Anna, had to say:

“Ophelia’s persistence and excitement about coding was clear — she attended every club meeting and even worked on her projects outside of class! I loved receiving emails from her with questions about how to improve her projects. I was so impressed by her commitment to learning to code!”

Get to know more about Ophelia and her thoughts on her CodeHER Club experience below!

What was your favorite lesson/project?

Coding my own Self-Portrait with JavaScript and Processing.js was my favorite project because I loved the project’s usage of shapes to make a beautiful art piece.

What do you like best about the CodeHER Virtual Club?

The best part about the CodeHER Virtual Club was everyone’s support, help, and advice.

Since you began participating in the CodeHER Virtual Club, do you see yourself as more of a coder?

Definitely, yes!

What do you like best about coding?

I like that coding gives you the ability to create whatever you want.

Here’s what Ophelia’s mom, Yvette, had to say…

I think programs like this are important because Code/Art creates a supportive platform where girls can learn a new medium in a nourishing environment where they can thrive! It is both fun and challenging to watch them find a different way of self-expression that is also a crucial skill for their future! We are extremely grateful to all of the teachers and support team for their thorough instructions and incredible dedication.

Keep up the AMAZING work Ophelia! We can’t wait to see what you code next!

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