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Interns bringing their talents to Code/Art

MIT graduate, Lilia Poteat, and Brown graduate, Lena Renshaw, are using their CS backgrounds to take Code/Art’s all-girls coding competition to the next level!

This summer, Lilia and Lena are working on improving all the processes behind our annual coding competition including building a new online portal to facilitate project submissions, voting, and judging.

Meet Lilia

Lilia graduated from MIT in May 2020 with a computer science major and will start a full-time role at Google in the fall. She loves the creativity involved in programming and designing technical systems, and is excited to help younger students discover computer science through Code/Art. During quarantine, she’s enjoyed watching sketch comedy with her roommates.

Meet Lena

Lena graduated with a degree in computer science (with honors) from Brown University and won an undergraduate senior prize for computer science. She’s passionate about the intersection of computer science and social impact, to that end, she’ll be starting as a software engineer at Flatiron Health in August, a company whose mission is focused on accelerating cancer research and improving patient care. At Code/Art, Lena teaches virtual coding classes to high school students and is working on planning Code/Art Fest and coding Code/Art’s competition portal. She loves computer science because she finds it empowering to build something out of nothing, and she loves passing on this skill to other young women.

💜Welcome to the team!

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