5 Questions with Code/Art Volunteer Siobhan Williams

Siobhan Williams was never formally introduced to many career options in tech as a kid so she is challenging the status quo to make a difference for the future of women in tech.

Code/Art couldn’t be what it is today without volunteers like Siobhan Williams. With Code/Art Fest less than a month away we sat down with Siobhan to learn more about how she began working in tech and why she believes in Code/Art.

How did you begin working in tech?

I was interested in tech at a young age. I was always naturally curious with electronics. It wasn’t until my final years in high school that I discovered my love for coding. Torn between my desire to do medicine and technology, I decided to become a biomedical engineer. Quite honestly, I’ve been coding ever since.

Why is an organization like Code/Art important to you?

I was never formally introduced to many career options in tech as a kid. There were little to no programs available that exposed me to these opportunities. Even today, I’m usually the only female in the room at technical meetings. I’d love the opportunity to increase female representation in an area as essential to the world’s future as technology.

What was your favorite class when you were in elementary school?

I always loved the definitive answers in math classes.

Who inspires you?

“I’m inspired by those that challenge the status quo in search of excellence.”

What is your favorite candy?

I’m a chocolate fan. So if it’s not a Cadbury chocolate, it’ll probably be some M&Ms.

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