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In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week 2021, we are excited to feature an MDCPS Middle School Teacher who is doing an amazing job exposing her students to coding by blending her passions for art and tech. Ms. Vo has participated in both of Code/Art’s professional development workshops to equip herself to implement creative coding into her classroom and is also working with her school’s administration to launch a new “Art Through Creative Coding” course at her school!

Check out our interview with Ms. Vo to learn more about her work and what drives her. We thank Ms. …

By: Amy Austin Renshaw

Women today earn just 18% (less than 1 in 5) of computer science (CS) bachelor’s degrees in the United States, down from 37% in 1984¹. This drop is even more striking knowing that, during that same period of time, the percentage of female undergraduates in this country rose from 53% to 57%² and demand for computer science skills continued to outpace supply.³

So why the big drop in women earning CS degrees while the overall number of women earning college degrees and demand for CS skills were both increasing? Three things changed in the early 1980s…

The representation of women in the tech industry is roughly 25%, with 11% being women of color and only 3% of that being black women.

In honor of Black History Month, we’re taking a step back to honor the trailblazers who made huge accomplishments in STEM fields and helped pave the way not just for women but for their industries as a whole.

Below are some of our favorite quotes from them that continue to inspire us today. #blackhistorymonth #womeninstem.

This March, our CodeHER coding clubs switched from in-person to virtual, but that did not deter Ophelia from excelling in each CodeHER club session that we held this spring. She showed up to every club meeting determined to use code to bring her incredible projects to life! The projects she worked on included creating her own gingerbread house with Tinkercad and creating her own coded self-portrait using JavaScript. (See below)

With Adobe Engineering Manager, Lydia Choy

A few months ago, we planned a “Future Female Tech Leaders Workshop” where high school students would engage in a time of mentorship with local women in tech. As part of the application process, each student had to submit a question for the mentors to respond during the workshop. However, after reading all the great questions our Code/Art girls submitted- we thought why not seek answers from a wider pool of #womenintech and share their insight with you all!

We are grateful to have Lydia Choy, Engineering Manager & Designer/Co-founder of Oculus Medium at Adobe share some very useful career…

MIT graduate, Lilia Poteat, and Brown graduate, Lena Renshaw, are using their CS backgrounds to take Code/Art’s all-girls coding competition to the next level!

We are excited to introduce you all to our SUMMER 2020 INTERNS! Their backgrounds are beyond impressive but their heartfelt passion to help teach younger girls the power of coding is what really makes them stand out.

This summer, Lilia and Lena are working on improving all the processes behind our annual coding competition including building a new online portal to facilitate project submissions, voting, and judging.

Meet Lilia

Lilia graduated from MIT in May 2020 with a computer science major and will start a full-time role at Google in the fall. She loves the creativity involved in programming and…

This month we’re chatting with Taylor Rivera, FIU student and lead instructor for Code/Art’s two FIU-based CodeHER clubs.

Taylor is currently a second year computer science (CS) major at Florida International University (FIU) and the lead instructor for two Code/Art weekly CodeHER clubs based on FIU’s main campus.

Under the guidance of Dr. Mario Eraso, STEM Coordinator in the School of Computing and Information Sciences, Taylor along with her two teaching assistants — FIU first year Rachel Quijano and 12th grader Clarissa Alfonso — has done an incredible job of keeping FIU CodeHER club members engaged as they’ve transitioned from on-site to 100% online. Let’s learn a little about Taylor’s coding journey so far!

How did you first become interested in coding?

I first got interested…

Siobhan Williams was never formally introduced to many career options in tech as a kid so she is challenging the status quo to make a difference for the future of women in tech.

Code/Art couldn’t be what it is today without volunteers like Siobhan Williams. With Code/Art Fest less than a month away we sat down with Siobhan to learn more about how she began working in tech and why she believes in Code/Art.

How did you begin working in tech?

I was interested in tech at a young age. I was always naturally curious with electronics. It wasn’t until my final years in high school that I discovered my love for coding. Torn between my desire to do medicine and technology, I decided to become a biomedical engineer. Quite honestly, I’ve been coding ever since.

Why is an organization like Code/Art important to you?

I was never formally…

On this month’s feature, Yasmary Diaz shares how embracing your passion can change the world and how deleting an operating system sparked joy.

Yasmary Diaz is a mother (of one amazing toddler!), Stutterer, Problem Solver, Techie, Traveler, Beer Snob, Gamer, Crafty, and Dreamer.

Yasmary (aka Yaz) has been working in the IT industry for over 12 years, of which she has worn many hats ranging from Software Engineer, Software Test Engineer, Tech Lead, Architect, Tech Consultant, and People Manager. She is currently leading teams at Ultimate Software focused on nurturing a healthy Tech Community (both internal and external) via culture and tooling. …

Rebekah Monson

A recent grad of the inaugural class of Facebook News Membership Accelerator program and Co-Founder/COO of a local Miami business that helps curious locals get engaged, Rebekah Monson’s enthusiasm and energy is one of the many reasons her successful venture of engaging new Miami locals each year is headed to other cities.We asked five questions to Code/Art Miami 2019's, Women in Tech Panel speaker, grab a cup of coffee (or tea!) and get to know this local Miami star.

Who is Rebekah?

Rebekah Monson is co-founder and COO for WhereBy.Us is a a technology platform which builds local media brands for growing cities…

Code/Art 👩🏻‍💻

Non-profit on a mission to increase the number of girls studying Computer Science by inspiring them with the creative possibilities in programming!

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